Get your speaker box any color you like.  Powder coating will not only make your speaker look like new, but the durable finish will protect it from the elements.  Wipe off finger prints, dirt and dust with a damp cloth.  We don't do this process in-house yet, so please factor an additional week for delivery.

Powder Coating

  • We cannot refund Powder Coating costs on return items.  All other refunds will be based on the policy for those individual items.


Our speakers are named after mountain peaks in Washington.  From the Cascades down to Puget Sound, our lifestyle is defined by the outdoors.  From camping in mountain parks to picnics at the beach, Cascade Sound Works Speakers let you Bring Your Soundtrack With You on life's adventures.​

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Check back for new models and designs.  We've received many requests for a waterproof model, so stay tuned!

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